Sirena Surf Lodge – Nicaragua

KSUSA is stoked to have Sirena Surf Lodge as a Premier Sponsor of the KSUSA 2018 US Kneeboard Titles and Festival.  Nicaragua has come to be a favorite surf destination for California kneeboarders for the consistent offshore winds, uncrowded, and pumping surf.  Many know Greg Chrisman from prior trips and are impressed with his knowledge of the area, experience in operating a Lodge with the surfer in mind, and relaxed, fun-loving demeanor.  We asked Greg to share a few words about Sirena Surf Lodge.  Thank you, Greg, for your generosity and ongoing support for kneeboard surfing!

Sirena Surf Lodge: Your Own Personal Paradise

A message from the owner:  I used to go on surf trips many years ago before moving to Nicaragua and essentially embarking on a permanent surf trip.  I’ve been skunked, and I’ve scored, but most importantly I know the anxiety that comes with a surf trip all too well.  I know how important your vacation time is and how important it is to make the most of it.  When you’re a surfer it’s a thin line between heaven and hell… even though we know that the worst day surfing is better than the best day working.  That doesn’t take away the pain of spending your hard-earned vacation watching a flat ocean through the bottom of an endless stream of cold beers!  You can’t drink all the pain away…

Enter Sirena Surf Lodge… located on Punta Miramar, one of the most consistent surf breaks in Nicaragua, which is one of the most consistent locations for waves in the world.  Miramar is a punchy left breaking over a chunky reef that’s shallow enough to throw barrels pretty much every day of the year.  If you’re lucky enough to score some size, it’s a whole different animal…world class barrels directly in front of the lodge.  Pipes is a little reef break about 200 yards to the North is working just about every day of the year as well. Both spots are visible from the shade of our terrace where hammocks, Wi-Fi and cold Tonas are only a grunt away…we’ll be happy to fetch one (or 10) for you, at least once you’re surfed out.

For a surfer, Sirena Surf Lodge is Paradise.  If you like Surf Travel, you’ll be bummed you didn’t find this little part of the world sooner.  And I haven’t even told you about the break at Puerto Sandino.  Imagine Mundaka, but with warm water and no crowd… I’ll tell you more, when I see you next.  Cheers and go surf every day!

Gregory a.k.a. “Goyo” Chrisman, Owner/Operator/Guide/Cook/Handyman at Sirena Surf Lodge




Gregory Chrisman

Owner Proprietor Grupo Playa Pacifica/Sirena Surf Lodge